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Providing state-of-the-art technology coupled with proven business models and affordable start-up costs. Finance is available! Ask us how!

Now you have the freedom to be your own boss and market your brand, powered by the world’s leading EMS device.

No Franchise Fees, or other hidden fees to pay!
Here is what you will get:


The best return-on-investment in the fitness industry


Proven business models with options to suit you


Award-winning technology and software with regular updates


Australian Service, Maintenance and Support


The EMS Trainer Course registered with Aus-Active and access to the EMS Training Institute


Ongoing support and promotion from Xbody

Growing Demand for EMS training

EMS training is the fastest-growing segment of the global fitness industry. A single 20 Minute EMS session is equivalent to a traditional 90-minute workout.

In traditional strength training, 35% of muscle fibres are activated in a specific muscle group. With EMS training, over 90% of muscle fibres in the entire body are activated simultaneously, without putting any pressure on the joints. 

EMS works by sending stimulation to the muscles to make them contract. The Xbody system allows us to control stimulation to different muscle groups, the intensity of the stimulation, and even which type of muscle fibres are stimulated in order to acheive the best result for the client. 

EMS training is safe, fast, effective and it feels great. By sending stimulation to the neural system and muscles, we are truly achieving treatment and training at the same time. 


How XBODY EMS Supports the Different Fitness Functions


XBODY EMS can be used for treatment and recovery. The TENS effect can be acheived by working at a higher frequency and helps overactive muscles switch off and relax. The new Actiwear G2 has an extended parameter setting to acheive the TENS effect over a wider range (100-150Hz), offering greater capabilites for pain relief.  


XBODY EMS training is the fastest way to build muscle, boost metabolism and burn fat. . We can decide how much stimulation each muscle group gets, we can choose how deep we want to work into the muscles, we can even decide which type of muscle fibres we would like to work by varying the frequency. 


XBODY EMS training is like an awakening of the nervous system.. EMS improves balance, posture, coordination, muscle imbalances, and is great for falls prevention.  We aren’t just training the muscles – we are improving the motoric nerve connections with the muscles. We are strengthening neural pathways and even activating the weakly connected muscles.


Only 20 minutes!

Time efficiency of EMS training is our number one selling point – 20 minutes once or maximum twice per week is all it takes to achieve fantastic results. This is so appealing to all the mums and dads, the professionals that don’t have time, or perhaps the desire to spend hours in the gym.

XBODY support

At XBODY we care about our partners success. That is WHY, with the experience of more than 5000 partners globally, we have developed market-proven business practices to help your business grow.