The most versatile and portable solution for EMS Trainers to deliver EMS training anywhere. Enter the World of EMS easily with the XBODY GO


Maximise the capacity of your studio

Enter the world of EMS easily

Train anywhere

Treat your clients as VIPs

Build an exclusive clientele

Stand out from the other local personal trainers

Private Home Packages

Gain new clients

Upgrade your existing memberships

Low cost of implementation

Australian Based Service Team

Accredited Service Centre and Education Provider with a local Australian support team backed by XBODY International.

World Leading Technology

XBODY leads the EMS world, through cutting edge design of the suits and and innovative software.

Easily Accessible Help & Support

XBODY Australia is always available  to offer local help and support with the technology.



Whether you are a fitness centre or personal trainer looking for an extra revenue stream, an allied health professional or involved with professional sport, XBODY will be able to provide you with the most professional EMS solution for your business. The XBODY GO is a portable device that allows you to take EMS training anywhere

Trendy and useful accessories available;

  • Shoulder bag
  • Backpack
  • Screen protector
  • Tablet case
  • Wide range of tablet holders

Wireless training for up to 2 clients

Lightweight, easy to carry tablet

Compatible with equipment such as;

  • XBODY Wave
  • Beat Training Suits
  • Actiwear
  • Actiwave
  • and existing studio equipment


To deliver world-class equipment, education, business tools and training solutions to businesses and private individuals to achieve outstanding results


XBODY GO is a tablet device that
can be used freely and conveniently anywhere with up to two clients training simultaneously. 

XBODY GO can be used in homes and offices, in gyms and personal training studios, or even outdoors.

XBODY GO is a great opportunity for trainers and investors to enter the world of EMS training, without having to invest in a full EMS Studio. 

WHY choose XBODY?

It is XBODY’s goal to always provide business partners with innovative,  versatile and profitable concepts in the EMS business.

XBODY are the market leaders in wireless EMS technology. 

So WHY choose XBODY?

We are not just selling equipment. We provide complete business support and know-how to help you succeed right here in Australia. 

We truly care about our partners success. 

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EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Essentially the way it works is we stimulate the motor neurons which sends a signal to the muscles to make them contract. We can control different parameters that effect how intense or deep the stimulation is or even what type of muscle fibres we are activating.

EMS has been used by medical and health professionals for decades mostly as localised EMS. In more recent years it has been adapted to WB-EMS where we put on a suit and stimulate up to 12 muscle groups at the same time, while working through different movements to build functional muscle. Physiotherapists also often use TENS machines for pain relief, which works the same as EMS but at a slightly higher frequency. Today, XBODY has over 5000 studios delivering 35000 sessions a day. EMS training is huge in Europe, Middle East and South America and it’s about to take off here in Australia and New Zealand. 

EMS is a safe and effective way to train for most people because it doesn’t put any pressure on any joints, therefore minimizing the risk of injury. It is not for absolutely everybody though. You can not participate in EMS training if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, suffer from seizures, or have any severe heart, muscular or neuro-muscular diseases. Please reach out if you’d like any further information and if you are unsure, please consult with your Doctor first. 

During traditional strength training you would normally activate 35-40% of muscle fibres in about 1 to 3 muscle groups that are being targeted in any movement. With EMS training we can demonstrate that 90-95% of muscle fibres are activated in all major muscle groups in the entire body simultaneously.

And that’s WHY 20 minutes of EMS training is more than enough. It is equivalent to at least 90 minutes of resistance training in the gym.

EMS feels great. Many people describe the feeling as like an intense massage / vibration feeling. 

XBODY simulation feels especially good because of the waveform we use. Make sure you try XBODY to experience the difference in stimulation, compared to cheaper competitors

At XBODY we care about our partners success. That is WHY with the experience of more than 5000 partners globally we have developed market-proven business model practices to help your business grow. We have an Australian support team to provide you with all training necessary to start your business. This is an amazing business opportunity that is about to take off here in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll show you how to start small, grow safely and succeed in growing your business. 

XBODY is NOT a franchise. There are no ongoing fees. We are a technology company that will provide you all the support necessary to succeed. XBODY has an EMS course registered with AusActive, we have a dedicated marketing team and service centre here in Australia. We will train your staff and provide you with all the marketing assets, operational support.  We’ll show you how to start small, grow safely and succeed in scaling your business

Well I think it’s important to first look globally. XBODY has over 5000 studios in 86 countries and pre covid we were delivering 35000 sessions per day. In Germany there’s an about one studio to every 10000 residents and it’s still growing. I’m confident that EMS studios will be in almost every suburb and regional town in Australia.

If you look at the Australian market, less than 20% of the population are members of a gym, club or studio. 80% of the population are NOT basically because they either lack time or they lack motivation. And that’s the segment of the population we appeal to the most.

Time efficiency of the EMS training is our number one selling point – 20 minutes once or maximum twice per week to achieve fantastic results. This is so appealing to all the mums and dads and time poor professionals that don’t have time, nor perhaps the desire to spend hours in the gym.

Lack of motivation is the other reason people don’t go to gyms . A lot of people who try training and stop again, do so because they don’t see immediate results. If a sedentary person starts conventional training it can take a quite a while to get results because they need to work hard to build up to lifting heavier weights, and they get a weak hormonal response to begin with. EMS gets straight to the fast twitch fibres, builds muscle fast and spikes human growth hormone for up to 72 hours after training and this delivers much faster results. Immediate results means people stay motivated and keep training.

Now from an investors point of view, it requires a relatively low investment and offers an amazing return. It only requires a small space, low staffing levels and is a very simple business model to get right and then scale.