The fitness industry is a red ocean of bloody intense competition, filled with sharks all competing for the same fish. Most business are swimming in the ‘red ocean’ because they lack any kind of diversity from each other. It just seems to be one HIIT studio or Pilates Studio after another and the competition is fierce.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) studios stand apart as a shining example of a “blue ocean” business. The unique approach of the 20-minute EMS workouts, creates an untapped market space where entrepreneurs can dive in and make a splash and plenty of cash.

For too long, fitness businesses have been competing against each other for the 20% of the population that are members of gyms or studios. EMS training appeals to 80% of the population who do not join these gyms and clubs because they either lack time or motivation.

If we reconstruct our market boundaries, then we are creating uncontested market space and we are making the old competition irrelevant. For far too long, operators have just copied each other and competed against each other for the same 20% of the population. Owners and Managers really need to differentiate and offer something unique to create and capture new markets

Consumers are demanding convenience, accessibility, and time-effectiveness. They are exploring boutique studios and unique offerings closer to home. XBODY Australia has seen a huge increase in demand for EMS Studios in suburban areas and you’ll see many Studios opening up across the suburbs over the next two years. Clubs and high service gyms will also begin to offer EMS training to retain clients, service a larger market segment, and offer something unique.

This is amazing business opportunity that is about to take off here in Australia. I encourage anyone who’s interested to get in contact. You need to try EMS to get a true idea of it’s many applications and how it could work for your business. If you are interested – go to and get in touch.