Unlocking Success: XBODY’s Three Proven Business Models in the EMS Industry

Let’s dive into the world of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology and learn how XBODY has revolutionised the fitness industry with three highly successful business models.

  1. Boutique EMS Studios: Our boutique model is designed to fit seamlessly into a 60-80m² space, requiring minimal equipment and staff. Studios across Australia are reaping the benefits of charging $50 to $90 per session, catering to 2-3 clients simultaneously. This model not only offers a significant return on investment but also gives you a real point of difference from your competitors.
  1. Shop-in-Shop EMS Training: The shop-in-shop model has become a favourite among clubs and yoga studios. It introduces an additional revenue stream while captivating clients with rapid and effective results. If you have unused space or downtime in your studio, incorporating EMS training could be the solution to elevate your business.
  1. Mobile EMS Training: This innovation allows trainers and studio owners to bring EMS training directly to consumers, whether in parks, offices, homes, or existing fitness facilities. The flexibility of mobile training opens up new revenue streams and expands your reach beyond traditional studio settings. Also, if a Club is not interested in offering EMS, perhaps you can offer EMS as a Personal Trainer within their gym.

The success of these models is rooted in the efficiency and effectiveness of EMS training. Clients are drawn to EMS for its time efficiency – just 20 minutes once or twice a week can deliver remarkable results. This convenience appeals to busy individuals, parents, and professionals who prioritise effectiveness in their workouts.

When considering the broader market, it’s essential to note that a significant portion of the population remains untapped by traditional gym memberships due to time constraints or lack of motivation. EMS addresses these barriers, making fitness accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

At XBODY, we are dedicated to helping fitness entrepreneurs and professionals succeed with our proven business models. Whether you choose a boutique studio, shop-in-shop training, or mobile EMS, you’re tapping into a dynamic industry with immense potential. XBODY is ready to support you every step of the way with all the marketing resources, education tools and support available to you right here in Australia and New Zealand. 

If you’re ready to explore these business opportunities or have questions about integrating EMS into your fitness business, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s unlock success together with XBODY’s innovative EMS solutions.