XBODY’s Support System Without The Franchise Fees

One of the most common questions we receive is about franchise fees. It’s a pleasure to clarify that XBODY isn’t an EMS franchise, and there are absolutely zero franchise fees involved! However, we do provide franchise-like support because we genuinely want you to succeed and grow your business with us for the long term.

With over 5000 success stories worldwide, XBODY leverages the experience and knowledge of these businesses to offer market-proven business templates and tools for your success. Here’s what all XBODY business owners can access:

  1. Marketing Portal: A comprehensive array of high-resolution and digital marketing resources including logos, images, videos, and promotional campaigns.
  2. Education Portal: Recently launched, our online education portal hosts various courses such as the EMS Trainer Course, advanced courses, educational resources, and research papers.
  3. Medical Team: Stay at the forefront of education and research with our WB-EMS (Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation) expertise. Our Medical Team is available for any questions or guidance you may need.
  4. International HelpDesk: Access level one and two support from around the world. In Australia, we also have an accredited Service Centre for local support.

In addition to these global resources, we understand the importance of localised support and market knowledge. In Australia, we provide:

  1. Marketing Support: With a degree in marketing and over 25 years of fitness industry experience (including 10 years in EMS), the Director of XBODY Australia, Matt, is here to assist with brand creation and promotional strategies. XBODY Australia can also manage your social media content for a small fee.
  2. EMS Trainer Course: Registered with AusActive and offering CEC points, our course has two Master Trainers in Australia for face-to-face training, which we believe is crucial for practical EMS training.
  3. Accredited Service Centre: With spare parts stocked locally, we provide prompt service and minimal downtime for your business. We also offer a backup guarantee, ensuring your operations continue smoothly.

At XBODY, we’re a technology based company, dedicated to providing comprehensive support for your success. Whether you’re starting small or scaling up, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

This is an incredible business opportunity in Australia, and we encourage anyone interested to reach out. Experiencing EMS firsthand is the best way to understand its potential for your business.