Your Own Private EMS Training System

Imagine having your own EMS training system, allowing you the convenience and privacy of EMS training in your home. As we become more invested in our health, technologies such as saunas, ice baths, red light therapy and EMS sessions are gaining popularity for their benefits in health and longevity. Investing in a personal EMS training system is not just a luxury; it’s a transformative health tool that can save you time and improve your health and lifestyle.

EMS training offers significant advantages for muscle gain, weight loss, and overall fitness. The XBODY Go Mobile device empowers individuals to experience professional EMS training at their convenience, eliminating the need for studio visits and saving valuable time.

Our home packages include a GO Mobile Tablet, an Actiwear receiver, and one or two suits. For added convenience, clients can opt for the new XBODY DryTech DrySuits, which simplify the process even further—just suit up and go! The XBODY GO device is the most versatile and portable solution for EMS training, delivering easy, quick and efficient workouts no matter where you are.

The XBODY EMS training system is renowned for its quality and effectiveness, surpassing cheaper alternatives in both sensation and results. While the home package, including two DrySuits, is priced at $20,989 + GST; it represents a long-term investment, offering significant savings compared to regular studio session fees. So no matter where you choose to work out, either at home, the beach, the park, or even on holidays, XBODY’s EMS training system is the perfect solution to enhance your health and lifestyle.

Reach out to the XBODY Australia team today and discover our exceptional home EMS training system packages. Our dedicated team is eager to collaborate with you to seamlessly incorporate EMS training into your daily routine, empowering you to reach your fitness aspirations and transform your life.